Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Join My Online Classes for English Literature NET /JRF

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👉Dr Mukesh Pareek 
👉14 NET, 3 JRF, 2 M. Phil 
👉Live Classes on Zoom and Google. 
👉Audio Lectures and Recorded Classes can't do justice with the tough syllabus of  UGC English Literature .
👉You require an EXPERT OF EXPERTS to teach you TEXTS, to guide you, to solve your problems. 
👉My classes are blessings of GOD. 
👉 I work very hard on my students. 
👉I don't pass time in SELF PRAISING  like the other people in this field. 
👉Pure Studies in Live Class just like a College or University Class. 
👉I discuss my PDF files page by page, teach original texts,  we discuss the depth of the meanings in our LIVE SESSIONS. 
👉I have three different time slots for everyone, like working people, students, research scholars.... 
👉I always want to teach more and more and more. 
In just last three days I am surprised to get hundreds of students from all over India joining me. 
👉Join today without delay. Satisfy your hunger of knowledge, wisdom, career, job and enlightenment. 
👉Contact me on whatsapp number 

👉This is the PDF file we will discuss in our fourth live class for English Literature NET 👇👇👇👇👇

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